Natural soap production from Carinthia, Austria 
using traditional recipes

Our handmade plant-oil soaps are only made from high-quality plant oils and plant-fats. Glycerin, which is pleasant for the skin, remains in the soap where it acts as moisturizer and protects the skin from drying out. In industrially produced soaps glycerin will be withdrawn and instead other chemical additives are mixed into the soap.

Our natural soap is free from synthetic foaming agents, preservatives or other chemical additives. Therefore, the soap is much gentler to the skin than industrially produced soaps. In addition, our final natural soap product includes a proportion of free, unsaponified oils, which generate a moisturizing effect. As perfumes we mainly use essential oils or perfume oils, which are specially approved oils for soap boiling. 

Each soap bar is handmade and unique, therefore small deviations in shape and colour are possible. Each bar matures at least 4-6 weeks before it is sold.

Alexandra Polster, Seifenstueck.at and her „Seifenfieber“
Alexandra Polster - Seifensiederin aus Leidenschaft Passion doesn’t start without impact that kindles enthusiasm. Alexandra Polster´s personal experiences sparked her interest in soaps, which led to her  personal first experiments with soap. As a result she felt the need to learn more about soap making and subsequently she decided to become a professional soap boiler.

 finishing a course on soap boiling at the WIFI Klagenfurt in
 2012, she was entitled to register her own business and
work as a traditional soap maker. This step in her career
 really excited her and nowadays Ms Polster still works with the same passion and enthusiasm that she felt when she first discovered soap boiling.

Since 2013 she has been working as a professional soap boiler in her own manufacture in Klagenfurt. An important aspect for her work is the combination of traditional craftsmanship and new, modern ideas. Furthermore, she loves sharing her passion in regular workshops. With advanced announcement visitors are always welcome in the manufacture.